With Imnica Mail you can manage every aspect of an email campaign, from building a list and creating personalised newsletters, to measuring campaign results and sending automated follow up emails.

Confirmed Opt-In

We do NOT force you to only use Double Opt-In. YOU choose whichever method will best work for your business.

Split Testing

Send different versions of your email content to your recipient groups and let Imnica Mail select the winner and send it to the rest.

Google Analytics

Track the full life cycle of your subscriber with the fully integrated Google Analytics tracking for campaigns.

Detailed Statistics

Know EXACTLY who opened, clicked what, and WHEN! Know EVERYTHING about your campaign!


Talk to your customer directly using the personalization options in Imnica Mail. No more dear friend…


Create segment rules based on subscriber information and/or subscriber activity such as link clicks, email opens, etc. Use these smart segments in your campaigns as recipient lists.


Send UNLIMITED emails and/or AutoResponder messages to UNLIMITED mailing lists.

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